Municipal Solid Waste

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Municipal Solid Waste


Rejected waste materials are one of the important challenges in landfills. A basic landfill involves only covering the solid waste with soil. There are many negative issues related to landfill.

The three most important problems with landfill include

• toxins
• greenhouse gases (GHG)
• leachate

So, the use of alternative methods to destroy and treat waste is a necessary issue.

An important issue related to that is the transferring of waste to these disposal centers. Transferring solid waste requires a significant investment in waste management, equipment and vehicles, as well as the infrastructure that allows this machinery to function effectively.

Our solution can easily be transported to any site either on land such as waste separation centers, farms, hospitals and health centers, or at sea for different types of applications.
Following materials form in municipal solid waste processing:
• Solid (Charcoal, Biochar)
• Liquid
• Non-condensable gases (H2, CH4, CnHm, CO, CO2 and N)