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Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar

Wood vinegar is a liquid condensed from carbonized flue gas in producing biochar from agricultural and forestry waste under high temperatures and hypoxia. It is a green and environmentally friendly biomass material with sterilization and insect control effects.
Wooden vinegar contains 80-90% water and 10-20% organic compound. It includes more than 200 chemical components. These organic compounds include organic acids, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, benzene and its derivatives, heterocyclic compounds, phenols and their derivatives, alkyl phenyl ethers, carbohydrate derivatives, and nitrogen compounds.
The most common component in wood vinegar, except for water, is acetic acid, which accounts for 3 to 7% of the total ingredients and 50-70% of the organic matter. In addition to acetic acid and other organic vinegar, raw wood vinegar also consists of roughly 5% phenols and several percent of various types of alcohol including methanol and ethanol.
Wood vinegar can be used for agriculture. It is an attractive alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Beneficial Effects of Wood Vinegar in Agricultural Applications Include:

  1. Spraying diluted wood vinegar on plant leaves increases their vitality and improves crop quality.
  2. Spraying also helps control harmful insects and some kinds of plant diseases.
  3. Wood vinegar and agricultural chemicals are complementary. The efficacy of using them together is greater than using either one alone.
  4. If wood vinegar is applied to the soil or mixed into it in high concentrations, it inhibits eelworms and soil diseases. In low concentrations or while it is in the process of being broken down in the soil it increases the number of useful microbes.
  5. Wood vinegar helps plants develop stronger roots.
  6. Mixing wood vinegar with manure reduces odors and facilitates composting.

Pyroltech's Product

The temperature and residence time used in the pyrolysis process influence the composition of gases produced so obtaining the quality of production of the wood vinegar is related to the exact temperature and process setting.
Pyroltech allows the production of wood vinegar in exactly designed conditions, which can be offered according to the needs of the clients.