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Skid mounted

Mobility, Protection and Modularity are the features of Skid-Mounted equipment. Skids are assembled as modular units, so skid mounted process equipment can be more easily disassembled and reassembled when required. The frames of skid-mounted systems provide an added level of security, support and protection for industrial equipment. Modern production facilities must have the flexibility to change in response to evolving business requirements.

Pyroltech Skid-Mounted are designed to process Organic and Inorganic Waste in a certain capacity (3 Ton/hour) for different applications as following

• Municipal Polymer Waste (Clothes, Tire, Rubber and Refuse Plastic Waste (PS, PP, PE and PVC))
• Agricultural Waste (Straw, Sawdust, Coconut Shells, or even Rice Husks)
• Medical Waste (Treatment of Sharps and Infectious Waste, Textile and Plastics)
• Industrial Waste (Petroleum, Oil and Gas waste)

Our equipment features are following:

Easy Transportation to Paddy Fields


No installation, building or civil works
No shipping cost of Raw material to the Site Plant


Energy Saving on Fuel and Electricity by Controlling of process
Reduction of feedstock Storage Cost
Saving Time
Competitive Price in the Market


Wide Feedstock Spectrum for other Agricultural Waste such as Corn Straw, Bagasse