About Pyroltech



About Us

20 years of experience in industry and clean technology


Pyroltech Focused on Finding the best Logical and Feasible Solutions on Waste and Refused stream to various Industries and Customers. (Best Commercially Available Technology, BCAT) Pyroltech is trying to provide renewable Energy by Recovering Resources as there are all industries following the Circular Economy. Pyroltech is an Expert in Solving related challenges in Solid Waste Management, energy Recovery, Energy production, Resource Recovery and solar cell. Pyroltech is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and is committed to solving problems large and small in a commercially viable and environmentally responsible manner, with a primary focus on converting high calorific waste streams, such as Refused municipal solid waste, Agricultural Waste, Petrochemical Waste, and Hazardous medical waste into valuable commodities or Reduce the landfill capacity. Pyroltech supports its clients by offering solutions, by using and providing useful and worthwhile data and specifications about its latest systems and technologies.

Pyroltech’s Mission

  • Apply high technologies to recover clean energy and resources 
  • Apply the highest possible returns both financially and environmentally
  • Apply to businesses that generate significant Carbon Credits for their operations
  • Apply high-quality commodities produced from waste that has a Worldwide demand
  • Apply attractive, low-risk returns for customers and investors for long time business relation

Pyroltech’s Vision

  • Sustainable Producer of Energy and Valuable commodities by Waste or Refused materials has generated in the World to help the earth and the next generation to live.
  • A leader in creating Social, economic, and Environmental Impacts of Resources of waste in the world instead of challenge
  • To offer good solution to home owner and business