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Pyrolysis Oil

pyrolysis oilPyroflash technology is unique in the simultaneous production of several qualities of pyrolysis oil. Nettenergy introduces these oils in the market under the name Nettoil. Normally we distinguish between two qualities of Nettoil: Dry oil (3w% water) and wet oil (20w% water). The Dry oil has an HHV of 24 MJ/kg and the Wet oil has an HHV of 17 MJ/kg. The wet Nettoil is liquid at room temperature, whereas the dry Nettoil is solid at room temperature.

Wood tar is derived from pyrolysis oil. It is a dark, viscous or sticky substance with a characteristic smell, depending on the origin of the biomass. Wood tar from biomass is also called brown tar. This in contrast with coal tar which is extracted from coal. Research, initiated by the European Commission, revealed that coal tar is carcinogenic tar and brown tar not. The use of brown tar is allowed, but coal tar remains forbidden in the Netherlands.